Tips & Classes

We've put together a few tips to help you get off to a great start with your new edible plants. Take a look below, plus check out some of our upcoming classes and summer camps for kids to dig even deeper.

Veggie Gardening Tips & Ideas

Harden-off all plants before planting them.

Help ease the transition from the greenhouse to your garden and prevent transplant shock, which slows growth. Here’s how:

  • Put plants outside during the day, away from direct afternoon sun. If practical, increase time outside by a few hours each day for about a week.
  • Bring plants into a cool, protected place at night.
  • Plants can be transplanted into your garden after 1-2 weeks. Wait until mid-May for crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, cucumbers and corn. Wait until June for basil.
  • Use special protection like a cold frame, cloche or Wall-o-Water if planting hot crops and night temperatures are still dipping below 50o F.

Grow vegetables in containers!

Containers are useful for growing herbs, edible flowers, greens and even hot season crops like peppers or determinate tomatoes. Use a premium potting soil, which provides good drainage (not garden soil, topsoil or straight compost).

Water your garden in the morning.

Watering in the morning conserves water and gives the soil a chance to warm up during the day. Water at the base of your plants to safeguard against disease.

Support pollinators!

Interplant herbs and flowers among your veggies to get the most benefit from pollinators and other beneficial insects. By supporting their health, you increase crop production and reduce pest problems.

Consult our Maritime Northwest Garden Guide.

Looking for month-by-month advice in the garden? Consult Tilth Alliance’s Maritime Northwest Garden Guide or Your Farm in the City. Get custom advice by contacting the Garden Hotline ( Learn even more by taking one of our classes.

New to gardening? No problem!

The Garden Hotline is open for business! The Garden Hotline is a free service that offers individualized solutions to garden problems that are practical, safe, effective and natural. Give them a call or email with your gardening questions: / (206) 633-0224 /

Take a Class

We are offering live, online classes via Zoom! These interactive, 90-minute classes will be held via Zoom and include interactive lecture with slide shows, demonstrations and time for question-and-answer sessions. Upcoming classes:


Summer Farm & Garden Camps

We’re still hoping to hold our summer farm & garden camps as planned. If we’re unable, refunds or opportunities to transfer tickets to later events will be offered.

Tilth Alliance’s summer farm and garden camps in North and Southeast Seattle are open for registration! This year’s summer camp program includes a variety of new camp themes, new half-day camps for 3-5 year olds and expanded scholarship opportunities. Extended day before and after-care are also available at all camps.

Sliding scale and reduced price tickets available for all camps. Additional scholarship assistance available by application.




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